Salon Services

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Pamper Your Body

Its time to pamper your body

Wild Rose: 70 Min

Wild rose oil is made of exclusive natural extracts. Full body treatment with wild rose oil gives your skin nourished glow with moisture. It is suitable for dry, mature and sensitive skin.

Ginger Grass: 70 min

Get “stress free” with the wonder oil of earth. Ginger grass oil helps in increasing the blood circulation thus keeping you calm and relaxed.

Mocha: 70 Min

Mocha oil stimulates blood circulation and tones cellulite prone skin. Mocha oil helps fight skin ageing and pollution damage with its unique antioxidant and rich nutrient components.

Tangerine: 70 Min

This Zesty essential oil has some great properties to help relieve stress. It helps reduce fluid retention and prevent stretch marks. Its powerful antiseptic characteristics help in killing acne causing bacteria.

Intense Back Facial: 35 Min

Back facials are for the most part, a painless extraction process. This facial typically begins with a gentle massage and removes impurities followed by a deep cleansing and exfoliation. The back facial concludes with a therapeutic mask.

Pamper Your Body

Revitalize your beauty…

Luxury spa facial: 90 Min

Get ready for special events and show off your stunning skin pamper yourself with this unique treatment which combines a back facial and smoothening of your skin.

Complete relax spa facial: 90 Min

This spa facial technique is choreographed to heal and rejuvenate you by a delightful massage to the face, neck, hand and shoulder. You’ll also enjoy a mini foot massage from our attentive professional Expert.

Personalised facial : 70 Min

Our facials begin with a detailed consultation. With this personalized facial we ensure that your complexion brightens balances and heals while the fine lines disappear and larger wrinkles dissipate. Your face deserves this attention.

Sparkle facial: 60 Min

This facial product melts and infuses itself into the skin providing hydration and youth. The special technology in this facial erases wrinkles and imperfections. Moreover the renewal process of this luxurious treatment combats all fatigue, leaving your skin with the lustre and polish of a diamond.

Anti-aging facial: 80 min

This facial gives instant glow to your skin by reducing the pigmentation and tan on the outer layer of the skin & brightens the skin tone. It also helps in making skin tighter giving it a youthful appearance.

Instant brightening facial: 40 Min

Brighten your complexion with this treatment. Dull and tired skin is restored while dark spots are lightened.

Rejuvenating facial: 40 Min

A breath of energy for your skin. A detoxifying, de-stressing facial that helps to restore energy and luminosity to your skin.

Premium clean up: 25 Min

This is a spot treatment to energize your skin to keep it fresh & clear.

De Tan Yourself

De-Tan Yourself

Face (addon facial)
Face and Neck
Back of Neck
Upper Back
Full Arms
Half Arms
Under Arms
Half Legs
Full Legs
Full Back
Full Body




Upper Lip



Full Face

Waxing Services

Waxing Services

Upper Lip
Full Arm
Full Legs
Half Arms
Half Legs
Under Arms
Chest & Abdomen
Upper Back
Full Body
De Tan Yourself

Treat your Hand and Feet

Luxury SPA pedicure

A luxurious treatment is rest assured that our experts are highly experience, follow the highest level of spa sanitation and will give you a memorable experience. You will receive a relaxing foot massage making your toe nails look beautiful.

Crystal SPA pedicure

A crystal treatment formulated to protect and renew your feet and nails. Smoothens and nourishes with powerful penetrating blends of botanical extracts.

Renewal pedicure

A renewal treatment formulated to protect and renew your feet and nails smoothens, soothes and nourishes.

Luxury spa manicure

A luxurious treatment is rest assured that our technicians are highly experienced, follow the highest level of spa sanitation and will give you a memorable experience. You will receive a relaxing hand massage making your fingers look beautiful.

Renewal Manicure

A renewal treatment formulated to protect and renew your hands and nails, smoothens, soothes and nourishes.

Experience Life with Colour

Experience Life with Colour

Root Touch up
Global Colour
Highlights with Global Colour
Creative Global Colour
Men Colour
Colour Corrections
3D Colour
Intense Red, Blue, Green and Yellow

Shampoo blow dry done by assistants

Make your hair look younger

Make your Hair look Younger

Express Treatment

This treatment is done in back wash station.

Intense Restore Treatment

This intense treatment technique is choreographed to heal and rejuvunate your hair. This includes the delightful massage to the Head, Neck, Hand and Shoulder.

Scalp Treatment

An intensive Anti Dandruff treatment. It helps persistently regulate stubborn dandruff. Hair appears soft with a comfortable and clean scalp.

Shampoo blow dry done by assistant(*** Extra cost for blow dry ***).

Reconstruct your Hair

Reconstruct your Hair

Keratin Service

Pitch Keratin Treatment

Full Hair Keratin Treatment

Creative Keratin Treatment


Pitch rebonding

Full Hair rebonding

Creative rebonding

De Tan Yourself

Your Look our Passion

Women cut & style

Men cut & style

Baby Girl cut & style

Baby Boy cut & style

Shampoo Blow Dry

Shampoo Blow Dry Ironing

Hair do without accessories

Shampoo blow dry done by assistants