Chocolate Scrub - 60 MIN

Relax and enjoy the benefits of natural locally grown Saint Lucian Chocolate. This sweet body smoothie provides an invigorating exfoliation, sealing in powerful antioxidants, which improve blood flow. Coconut milk is massaged into the entire body leaving the skin nourished and smooth for a luxurious finishing touch.

Honey Lavender Salt Scrub - 60 MIN

Raw honey and fresh garden lavender blended with the finest grains of vitamin E-rich rice bran oil stimulates, nourishes and renews the skin. A massage of fresh melon body milk increases the skin’s elastic bonds and collagen production leaving it moisturized, soft and smooth.

Aloe Vera Wrap - 60 MIN

Coconut Bay’s own just-harvested, organic aloe vera rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes in a wrap that soothes, replenishes, and heals sunburnt or irritated skin. A hydrating facial completes this head to toe reparative treatment.

Mud Wrap - 60 MIN

A layer of therapeutic mud is lightly massaged into your skin before wrapping begins, to cleanse, detoxify and firm you head-to-toe. Blended with sandalwood and lavender essential oils the wrap relieves muscle spasms, calms and soothes. Its detoxifying properties flush impurities away from the skin as the mud’s minerals revitalise your skin.

Add on more intense cleaning

Jet both - 5 MIN

The jets in the spa allow a movement of water that circulates your blood flow. This means the areas of your body that are hurting get a little bit of extra blood flow to heal faster. In addition, positioning the jets on sore muscles can really help relieve the stress.

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